At Granite Hill School, we value a diverse variety of instructional styles, which are incorporated into each class. Some of these approaches are:

Participatory Learning: A style of teaching and learning where students “do-it” rather than simply hearing about it, reading about it, or thinking about it. This style of learning promotes skill development through exploration and a hands-on curriculum.

Social Learning: An educational approach that requires students to interact closely with peers, teachers, parents, special educators, and other members of the educational community. For many students, it is this interactive and interpretive process which presents them with their greatest educational and personal challenges.

Experiential Education: Experiential education is participatory learning outside the classroom. It can be as physically active as rock climbing, or as introspective as a visit to a Revolutionary War battlefield. In all cases, it is a vital link between the elements taught in the class-room and their applications in the real world.

Differentiated Instruction: Not all students are alike. Knowing this, differentiated instruction applies an approach to teaching and learning so that students have multiple options for taking in information and making sense of ideas.