At Granite Hill School, we believe that educational success depends largely on the development of social skills, personal responsibility, social problem solving and the desire to better ones self. Without social skills, students cannot participate in the educational process in a meaningful way.

Our model is not deficit based—in other words, we do not view the student as disabled or emotionally troubled. Instead, we use a contextual model (or, as some call it, a Strength-based model), creating an environment whose social context is right for individual prosperity and student success.

Future success also depends largely on an ability to interact successfully in a wide variety of social situations. Thus, the development of pro-social skills and social problem solving skills are an essential cornerstone of our educational philosophy. Likewise, educational and life success is highly dependent on the content of one’s character.

At Granite Hill School, we strive to develop the R.I.G.H.T. character for each student we serve.